Using our senses in Forest Schools!

We helped make a big fire in ‘Forest Schools’. We went through the safety of the circle and what to do when the smoke goes in your direction including going around the back of the trees and not near the fire circle. We started by collecting sticks. If they snapped and were white in the middle they could be added to the fire stick pile. The fire was then lit, we closed our eyes and listened for the hissing, crackles and pops. We tasted a strange taste from the smoke, we used touch to feel the warmth. We watched the smoke and flames with our eyes and looked out for the embers when the fire was blown. We learnt how to tell the direction of the wind.

We then sang our favourite songs around the fire!!!

The last ten minutes we spent looking at the changes in the pond. We found loads of frogspawn and if we kept really still lots of frogs came to the surface.

Forest Schools teaches us skills and helps our physical, emotional development and well being – we love it!!

Thank you Mr O’Brien!!!!