‘Into the Woods’ Topic

What a fun half term we have had in Year One!

Through drama, our ‘Into the Woods’ topic began when we met an elderly lady in the woods who seemed to be very worried and scared. We invited her in to the warm and made her a cup of tea. She told us that she had seen a creature in the woods with long claws, big feet and sharp teeth! We reassured her that we would solve her problem so we named ourselves ‘The Woodland Problem Solvers!’

We agreed that we needed to go out into the woods and search for clues ourselves.

After lots of searching and finding clues from different animals we finally discovered a letter from the creature itself…the GRUFFALO!

During our hunt we learnt about the different creatures in the Gruffalo story. One creature who we decided needed our help was the mouse. His house had been destroyed by the Gruffalo. We decided to design a new home for him and made this out of materials of our choice.



Our topic also saw us studying a famous artist called ‘Andy Goldsworthy’. We went outside and used natural resources to make some lovely artwork. Here are some for you to enjoy!

We have had a great first half term and have been super learners!