Emergency School Closures

In the event of our school closing because of snow, we will send a text out as early as we can in the morning. We will also put messages on local radio and also on our website.  You can also click on the link below to find out about Norfolk School Closures:


During School Day Closure Guidance

On very rare occasions it may be necessary for school to close during the school day i.e. if the weather is deteriorating and there is doubt as to whether children can be safely returned home later in the day.  In such cases the school will send out a text message informing parents of the closure.  Parents who are subsequently unable to collect their child and need to make alternative arrangements should telephone the school.  It may be necessary to obtain verbal permission from parents for their child to be collected by another named parent.

In the event of a “during the school day” closure the same procedures of informing the Local Authority (Norfolk School Closures) will apply.  Radio Stations will usually relay this information.