Visits from people who help us


This term Reception have been learning all about the people who help us. We have learnt about fire fighters, vets, doctors and nurses and all of the hard work they do to keep us happy and safe.

This week we have been learning specifically about the people who help us at school. We invited Mrs Harris in to our classrooms to tell us all about what she does in her job.

Mrs Harris told us that she does a lot of writing and that she really enjoys working with all of the children. Mrs Harris said she especially likes doing fun things with the children such as playing with gloop or blowing bubbles.

The children listened very carefully and asked some good questions such as “what is your favourite bit about your job”.

We also wrote a thank you letter to our lovely caretaker to say thank you for all of the hard work he does to help us feel safe in school. He loved reading it and we have been practicing our letter writing in our choosing time.

We have also enjoyed doing our show and tells about people who help us at home. The children have spoken really confidently in front of the whole class about how their Mummies, Daddies, Sisters and brothers all help each other.