Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs!

This half term our topic is ‘Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs’.

We started the topic by discovering some strange footprints in our Reception outside area. Miss Rickman and Miss Weston checked the CCTV and found a miraculous discovery…a dinosaur had been on our school grounds!


We then discovered an egg. We were not sure who the egg belonged to but we all shared our suggestions and we discussed how we should look after the egg.

We decided to make a nest for the egg to keep it nice and warm. We took it in turns to keep an eye on the egg and check it was OK.

To our surprise, when we came in from lunch last week the egg had hatched! No body saw it happen so we had to check the cameras again to see what had hatched from the mysterious egg.


We also had another surprise when the ladies in the kitchen delivered us a special treat for filling up our PomPom jar! What an amazing cake! It tasted very yummy too. We made a big ‘Thank You’ card for them which they really liked.

We can’t wait to continue our learning for the rest of the half term!