Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs!

This half term our topic is ‘Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs’.

We started the topic by discovering some strange footprints in our Reception outside area. Miss Rickman and Miss Weston checked the CCTV and found a miraculous discovery…a dinosaur had been on our school grounds!


We then discovered an egg. We were not sure who the egg belonged to but we all shared our suggestions and we discussed how we should look after the egg.

We decided to make a nest for the egg to keep it nice and warm. We took it in turns to keep an eye on the egg and check it was OK.

To our surprise, when we came in from lunch last week the egg had hatched! No body saw it happen so we had to check the cameras again to see what had hatched from the mysterious egg.


We also had another surprise when the ladies in the kitchen delivered us a special treat for filling up our PomPom jar! What an amazing cake! It tasted very yummy too. We made a big ‘Thank You’ card for them which they really liked.

We can’t wait to continue our learning for the rest of the half term!


Our caterpillars have transformed into butterflies!

Year One were so excited when we received our class caterpillars last week. They were so tiny we could barely see them, however, they soon grew very large! Once they were ready, we watched the caterpillars harden into chrysalides. On Friday, Hedgehog Class were so happy to see that two of our butterflies had emerged! We are hoping there will be even more butterflies when we get to school on Monday!

Year One Pirate Day!

To celebrate our final day of our Pirate topic, Year One came to school dressed as pirates and had a whole day of pirate activities. It was such a fantastic day so we thought we would share some pictures with you all! All of the activities allowed us to develop our different enterprise skills.

Plank Walking (Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins) – This activity involved us practicing our balancing skills in different ways. We even had to walk the plank!

Boat Making (Pete Problem Solver) – We used different materials to try to make a boat that would float. We found out that the plastic and the wood were the most successful materials to use!

Blindfold Trail (Lenny Leadership) – During this activity we had to direct our partner around the different cones using directional language. We then had to use our senses to guess what different objects were. It was very funny!

Map Reading (Olly Organiser and Polly Planner) – We have been learning about co-ordinates in class and had to use our knowledge of these to follow the clues and find the treasure.

Weighing Treasure (Freddie Finance) – During this activity we had to weigh different treasure to find out how much it was worth. We had to weigh them carefully and help one another to ensure the scales were balanced.

Sword Fighting (Richie Risk) – Our final activity was sword fighting. We had to take a risk by fighting our opponent – lots of us said it was our favourite activity.

At snack time we even had pirate biscuits made by our wonderful school cooks! We wrote them a letter to say thank you because they looked and tasted so amazing!

What a great day! We all made fantastic pirates. Well done Year One!


Today, Year One welcomed some visitors into school who taught us more about the Jewish celebration ‘Passover’. We looked at some lovely stories and learnt about the ‘Seder plate’. We also got to try some Grape juice and some Matzos. It was delicious!

Amazing Homework!

We are very impressed with Year One’s fantastic homework that is being brought into school. It is so lovely to see such amazing creations. Well done Year One! Keep up the great work!

Look at what Year One found!

During the week Year One were coming back into the classroom and spotted something very exciting on the pirate ship!

We carefully carried it into the classroom to investigate what was inside. We were shocked as we opened the chest to find these objects inside.

We looked at each object individually.

One of the objects was a treasure map. It looked like it had been in there for quite a while!

We discovered that the other object was a compass. We discussed what a compass is and why people use them. As we were looking closely at the compass, we noticed something very peculiar.

There were numbers marked on the compass. We think this may be a code or a date.

There was also a word written at the back of the compass. It said ‘E.TEACH’.

We think these may have been left behind by a pirate! We are so excited to investigate further in the next few weeks!

Year One making the most of the sunshine!

What a beautiful week of sunshine! Year One wanted to make the most of the lovely weather and have loved going outdoors to learn this week. We have been so grown up coming into class without our parents all week that we had a treat on Friday afternoon – a play in the water tray! What a perfect day for it!


This weeks Math’s learning in Year One!

This week in Maths we have been learning about halving. We started the week with lots of practical activities, learning what fractions are.

We used shapes, play dough, string and other materials to explore halving.

By the end of the week we were looking at halving numbers. We have really impressed our teachers with how quickly we can recall our doubles and halves number facts. We played a pirate board game with our partners to consolidate our learning. It was so important to take turns with our partner and to play fairly. We had lots of fun!

Later in the week, we used role play to become chefs. First, we learnt how to write the fractions 1/2 and 1/4 and we recapped what these fractions mean. After that we followed ‘fraction recipes’ to make pizzas for our peers. We were all able to show 1/2 and 1/4 and some of us even noticed that 1/2 is the same as 2/4! Great work Year Ones!



Sock Puppets!

In DT, Year One designed  some fantastic sock puppets of different African animals. It was our responsibility to decide which materials we wanted to use and how we were going to make them. After this, we followed our designs carefully to create our puppets.  We were very proud of the finished products!