We thought of amazing words to describe seaweed!!!

DSCF8004 DSCF8005 DSCF8007We looked at pictures of seaweed in groups and wrote words to describe the seaweed.

We thought about our senses: hearing, sight, touch and smell to write the words in our groups. We then presented our work to the rest of the class. We looked at other groups work to collect a bank of ideas to use in our seaweed poems.

Look what we found during Forest Schools!!!


In Forest Schools on 4th February 2016 we were making shelters and one of Hedgehog class found this. When we came back to class we put it under the visualiser to see where it may have came from.

We decided it was from an old ceramic bottle and may have contained a message from a pirate inside!!

We received a letter – how can we help???!!!

We received a letter from Pirate Purplebeard. We decided to make islands to help. We looked at 3D shapes, in particular cones and cylinders. We made volcanoes from cones and made cylinders to make the trunks of the palm trees.

We will then use our islands to create maps to help find the treasure.

We made the physical features and then decided on the human features to add to our islands. We made boats, treasure and pirates to add to our maps.DSCF7966

Multiskills Year 1 – our PE trip was great!!!

DSCF7934 DSCF7939 DSCF7953

We attended Easton College Tennis Centre to compete against other schools in a range of activities to develop our ability, balance and co-ordination. These form the foundations of skills which can then be developed to play ball / team games later in life.

We really enjoyed the day and some of us achieved a certificate to demonstrate that we really tried and put in a lot of effort in a variety of situations. These included teamwork, encouraging others, concentration, super listening skills and other factors required for us to succeed.

We also enjoyed meeting children from other schools and competing against them in a sports environment.

Look at our amazing sea pictures!!

DSCF7910 DSCF7912 DSCF7917We used what we had learnt from mixing colours (both poster and powder paints) to create a pictures of the sea.

We discussed the shape of the lines if the sea was gentle and what sort of shades we would use. We then talked about if the sea was very rough and how this may look and make us feel. We talked about shape, composition, tone, shade and lines including zig zag and swirls to create our pictures. We made sure our pictures reflected the mood of how the sea made us feel. We used sponges to add texture to our paintings.


Do you know the three primary colours?

We talked about the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue. Our objective was to mix colours using a palette to create a colour chart to use for painting a sea picture next weekDSCF7886.

We decided as a class to only use blue and yellow to make green and then use white and black to adjust the shade and tone. We decided not to use red as Hedgehog class said the sea isn’t red!

Look at the bank of amazing colours we were able to make only using two primary colours.

Generosity is the key!!!

In Collective Worship we listened to the ‘Rainbow Fish’ story. We discussed the character of the Rainbow Fish before and after he went to see the wise octopus.

We discussed ways in which we could be generous to others by being kind and making time for others.


Watch out! The boom is coming over!!!

In PE we have been using our bodies and movement to learn about people, jobs, the dangers and how to defend ourselves aboard a pirate ship. We used the hall to run to the bow, stern, port, starboard and the compass points.

We enjoyed climbing the rigging and getting to DSCF7771 DSCF7773

the crow’s nest where we shouted ‘Land A’hoy!!’.

We made the shape of a pirate ship and rowed our way to safety away from the rats, sharks and boom coming over!!

Can you spot the pirate objects which may have disintegrated?


We worked in teams to sort objects into two groups. Objects which may still be around if they were found and objects which would have disintegrated?

We said the flag, map, sails and parrot would have disintegrated and objects made of harder materials, such as metal would still be around to find.

We went on a treasure hunt!

DSCF7741 DSCF7743

DSCF7744 DSCF7745

We went on a treasure hunt around the school. We found lots of objects which may have been left by pirates. When we were back in the classroom we passed the artefacts around and talked about them with our talking partners.

We wondered how they may have got there and who they may belong to.