Christmas fun!

Reception have been having so much fun this week celebrating Christmas!

We have worked really hard  on our Nativity performance and really enjoyed singing about the birth of Jesus. We dressed up in costumes and remembered all of the words to the songs. We loved performing it to our parents!

We have also had our Christmas fair this week. We made beautiful Christmas tree decorations to sell in the shape of reindeer, Christmas trees and Santa hats. We loved going around the different stalls, playing games and eating lots of yummy treats.

Another Christmas treat was recording our song for a Christmas video! We can’t wait for you all to see it.

Remember to keep an eye on Tapestry learning journals for more information about what we get up to!


Making sandwiches!

Our topic this half term is food and celebrations so we decided to have a tea party and make some sandwiches. The children talked about washing our hands before touching the food to “get rid of germs”. Then the children carefully cut their bread in half before choosing their topping. Then we ate them – they were delicious!

Fox class enquiry based learning



This term we are learning about water so this week we have been looking closely at water and how it freezes when it’s cold and melts when it gets warmer.

The children were so interested in this and started thinking of other things that might freeze. They wanted to see if honey, hair gel, shampoo, paper, chocolate, milk and juice would freeze and if it would melt after.

So, we did an experiement! We got 7 pots and placed each item into it. We labelled them and placed them in the freezer over night. The next day we observed each pot closely and felt inside. We could then see and feel if it had turned into a solid from liquid or if it stayed in the same form.

From our experiment, we concluded that honey and paper do not freeze or melt but that the rest of the items did.

What a great enquiry and experiment – we had so much fun learning about the changing of states!




Reception children were so excited this week to find a mysterious egg in the garden. We observed it closely and decided it might be a dinosaur egg. We have kept it warm and safe and can’t wait to see if it might hatch.

The children decided to find out what type of dinosaur it might be by using information books to research and fact find.  

We can’t wait to go to the Roar Dinosaur Park to find out more about them soon!

Cooking our own bread in forest school!

We had a very exciting day in Forest school today! Mr O’Brien taught us how to make bread and cook it on the fire.

We learnt how to make the bread by mixing flour, salt and water.  

Mr O’Brien demonstrated how to knead the dough using his hands. Then we flattened the dough and placed it carefully on the fire. We made sure we stayed far back from the fire to keep us safe. The bread didn’t take long to cook and we were so excited to taste it! We all tried it and said it was “delicious” and “yummy”. When we were finished we made sure we put the fire out by pouring water over the area.


It was so exciting to make our very own bread and cook it ourselves! It was even better to taste it! We can’t wait for our next forest school!

Visits from people who help us


This term Reception have been learning all about the people who help us. We have learnt about fire fighters, vets, doctors and nurses and all of the hard work they do to keep us happy and safe.

This week we have been learning specifically about the people who help us at school. We invited Mrs Harris in to our classrooms to tell us all about what she does in her job.

Mrs Harris told us that she does a lot of writing and that she really enjoys working with all of the children. Mrs Harris said she especially likes doing fun things with the children such as playing with gloop or blowing bubbles.

The children listened very carefully and asked some good questions such as “what is your favourite bit about your job”.

We also wrote a thank you letter to our lovely caretaker to say thank you for all of the hard work he does to help us feel safe in school. He loved reading it and we have been practicing our letter writing in our choosing time.

We have also enjoyed doing our show and tells about people who help us at home. The children have spoken really confidently in front of the whole class about how their Mummies, Daddies, Sisters and brothers all help each other.

Raptor Trust Visit

Today Claire from the Raptor Trust came to visit us. She brought a Little Owl called Biggles and a Kestrel called Pip. We found out lots of interesting facts about the birds and it was exciting to see them up close. Biggles looked all around the hall by turning his neck and Pip made some funny noises and didn’t want to leave!


Today Rev. Mark came to talk to us about harvest and healthy food. We enjoyed playing the fruit and veg game, and getting a closer look at some more unusual vegetables and fruit. We talked about where are food comes from and who looks after it to help it grow. Rev. Mark explained how people celebrate harvest and we also thought about some people who don’t have as much food as us.

Baby Visit

Last week, baby Emma came to see us with her mummy. We learnt all about how to look after babies and the special things they need. We asked questions lots of questions!