Mini Monsters!

Ed from mini monsters came to visit us this week. He brought in a snake, spider, millipede and bearded dragon for us to see touch and hold. We also found out lots of interesting facts about the animals. The spider had eight eyes and the snake smells with his tongue!!!



DSCF0541 DSCF0567 DSCF0544 DSCF0568 DSCF0471 DSCF0491

Glorious Growing!

Come and look at our fantastic vegetable patch. We planted the seeds and patiently waited for them to grow. We watered them and weeded the patch and now they have grown into plants.


We planted strawberries, lettuce beetroot, courgettes, broad beans, carrots and radishes.

DSCF0437 DSCF0436

Some of our strawberries are ripe and ready to eat and our lettuce is ready to be picked too!

DSCF0469 DSCF0467 DSCF0466 DSCF0470 DSCF0464

Real little red hens!

Look who came to visit Reception. Real little red hens.

We found out about how to look after the hens. We gave them water, food and lots of strokes and cuddles. We also looked at all their different body parts and practised using the words we learned. We had one boy – cockerel and two girls.



DSCF0425 DSCF0421 DSCF0428


Grass head trolls

We have been learning all about the troll in the Three Billy Goats Gruff Story. We thought about some different words to describe him – ugly, scary, mean, angry, unkind.


   We then designed our own trolls, which we made with compost, a pair of tights, grass seed and some materials for eyes, nose, ears and mouth.DSCF0010 (2)

 Our trolls needed water, light and compost to grow.


Look at how long the grass grew!


Our Trip to Gressenhall

We had a fantastic day at Gressenhall Farm. We went for a special Three Billy Goat’s Gruff day to learn more and explore different parts of the story.

We dressed up as trolls!


We visited the farm and saw lots of different farm animals.


We met the real Billy Goats Gruff!


We made dens for the troll.


We pretended to cross the river over the stepping stones.


We went to the woods for a special workshop to make clay troll heads. We used the natural materials that we found in the woods to decorate our trolls. We have displayed them in the library at school. Come and take a look.


Christmas Panto

More and more being advertised locally about Peter Pan. Really looking forward to a fun day out at the theatre on Friday 19th December. Know the children will really enjoy it!