Animal Lockdown

Benjamin, Bob and Dilly the Deer are missing the KS1 children but they are keeping themselves busy during lockdown!

The tiger who came to tea!

This week we had a visit from an unexpected visitor. We arranged a little tea party with some tea and cake. We went to invite some friends for tea but when we came back we noticed that “all of the tea” had been drunk and all of the cake had been eaten! There was also some paw marks on the mat and some orange and black fluff left around. We had a think about what could have happened. The children suggested an animal had sneaked in. Miss Weston and Ms Sinclair remembered a story about a tiger that had eaten all of the food at a tea party so we decided to read it. It was such a good story we decided to learn it as part of our next topic – Food and Celebrations!

Ocarina Club!

Each half term we have been running Ocarina club with Key Stage 1 children. The children have learned how to hold the ocarina and make a noise by blowing into the mouthpiece. They have also learned a well known song each half term. The year two children recently performed ‘London’s Burning’ in assembly which was fantastic, well done to those pupils!

Year one have been getting creative!

This week we decided to make a treasure island by looking carefully at the human and physical features you might find; including rocks, ships and palm trees.

We used our Enterprise skills to solve problems, make decisions and work together to create the island, the Enterprise characters were very impressed!

Yo Ho Ho, We’ve Found Some Treasure!

Over the last few weeks in year one, the children of Otter class have been working exceptionally hard at home to create some exciting homework to link to our Pirate topic, including old treasure maps, messages in bottles and pirate ships! They are definitely becoming pirate experts.

IMG_1859 IMG_1861 IMG_1818

A pirate’s life for me!

The year two’s had a special treat this week in school when Mr O’ Brien brought in his accordion (It linked in well to our pirate topic.) He told the children all about the science behind it and played some wonderful tunes which he had written himself. Some children even got to have a go! What an exciting afternoon!