Rainforest Explorers

Maths Monkey is going to the Amazon Rainforest! Shall we go with him?

We will need to find out about rainforests before we decide.

This week we located the Amazon Rainforest and found out about the animals that live there. 

Look at our wonderful Rainforest homework!

Great Fire Experts

We found out that the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. This is our museum bakery. We even made salt dough bakery items for children to play with!

We investigated how firefighting has improved with help from our local heroes!

We found out why the fire spread so quickly and made our own model street. Fantastic teamwork demonstrated by all!

Samuel Pepys wrote a diary about the Great Fire of London. We compared quills to biros and thought about what Samuel would say if he was given a pen.

We enjoyed making scones for King Charles. We wondered if he liked the fruit, sweet, chocolate of lemon scone best?

Singing Kingfishers

This half term, Year two have been learning about the four seasons in Outdoor Explorers and Music. Kingfisher class worked so hard to learn the lyrics and signing to ‘Seasons’ that Miss Gooch asked them to perform in assembly to their peers. Kingfishers sang beautifully, they should be very proud!

Astronaut Training Day

On Thursday, Year 2 were welcomed to Astronaut School where we trained to be astronauts for the day.  There were certain skills and characteristics we needed to possess as an astronaut or acquire during our training. Throughout the day, we were tested on our physical, social and mental abilities. We had to complete various training activities: Controlling robots, sorting tiny space rocks while wearing glove, fixing electrical circuits, learning to speak Russian and a gruelling physical test. We are thrilled to say we successfully completed all of our tasks!

Alien Discovered!

Wow!!! Year 2 have detected an alien using the alien camera. It is walking along our teacher’s desk…

We have decided to write a letter to the ‘Alien Investigation Team.’ Hopefully they can help us to find out more!

Strange Findings in Year 2

After the Easter holiday we discovered some strange things in our classrooms…

Slime, stringy metal, three-eyed goggles and small footprints!

We think that an alien has visited our classrooms but we don’t know why.

We must investigate!


Sea Life Centre

This week we had a fascinating day at the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth. It was fantastic to see the creatures up close and we even got to touch a starfish and crab!

This visit helped up to consolidate our learning about habitats and food chains.

A wonderful day was had by all!

Karate Kids!

We had a wonderful time learning the basics of the japanese martial art Karate!

George, our instructor, was very impressed with our high kicks.

Fantastic Homework

The teachers in Year 2 have been blown away by the amazing homework contributions this term.

These are just some of the masterpieces…

Well Done Year 2!