Executive Headteacher Mrs H. McCarney
Deputy Head and SENCO Miss A. Gooch
Early Years Leader and Nursery teacher Mrs K. Frary
Reception teachers Miss C. Rickman
Miss S. Weston
Ms F Sinclair
Early Years Cover Supervisor Mrs P. Murray
Early Years Teaching Assistants Miss J. Pitt
Mrs N. Walker
Miss A. Clifton
Mrs N. Taggart
Mrs B. Fox-Barkshire
Mrs M. Knight
Pastoral Support Mrs D. Inger
Ms S. Griffiths
Key Stage 1 Leader and Year 2 teacher Mrs V. Chaplin
Year 1 teachers Mrs J. Davies-Grant
Miss F. Payne
Year 2 teachers Mrs B. Perry
HLTAs Mrs Z. Hanwell + MSA
Mrs L. Balcon
Mrs M. Brown
Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants Mrs N. Anstiss
Mrs C. Marshall
Mrs D. Howard + MSA
Miss J. Baker
Miss C. Jones + MSA
Attendance Support Team Miss G. Harper
Ms S. Griffiths
Secretary Mrs L. Hurr
Clerical Assistant Mrs M. Jacobs
Caretaker Mr C. Inger
Mr F. Atzori
School Cook Mrs D. Applegate
Assistant Cook Mrs M. Connolly
Catering Assistants Mrs L. Catchpole
Midday Supervisors Mrs J. Spanton
Mrs M. Wilson
Mrs C. Fox
Mrs M. Syer
Miss M. Howett
Mrs H. Savage
Mrs S. Dubbin
Miss S. Burden
Mrs N. Adkins