Our journey under the sea!!!!

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We went to the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth. We had a tour and listened about the fish and sea creatures as we went around the centre. We then went into ‘The Education Room’. This is where we could touch some of the creatures from the rock pool. We touched a starfish and learnt if it loses a leg, it will grow a new leg. The part of the broken leg will also develop into a new starfish. If a starfish doesn’t like its food, it will throw away its stomach and grow a new one!!!

We also got to touch Bert the crab, who was very friendly!!!

We saw the penguins and tried to guess their names by their coloured tags!

The rays were amazing and we looked at the baby rays in detail.

We used our little books to collect stamps and find out interesting facts. We had a fantastic day!! Talk to your child about their experience to develop their understanding and knowledge.