Fox class enquiry based learning



This term we are learning about water so this week we have been looking closely at water and how it freezes when it’s cold and melts when it gets warmer.

The children were so interested in this and started thinking of other things that might freeze. They wanted to see if honey, hair gel, shampoo, paper, chocolate, milk and juice would freeze and if it would melt after.

So, we did an experiement! We got 7 pots and placed each item into it. We labelled them and placed them in the freezer over night. The next day we observed each pot closely and felt inside. We could then see and feel if it had turned into a solid from liquid or if it stayed in the same form.

From our experiment, we concluded that honey and paper do not freeze or melt but that the rest of the items did.

What a great enquiry and experiment – we had so much fun learning about the changing of states!