We celebrated the 90th Birthday of the Queen!!!!

In Tuesdays assembly, we had a special guest Reverend Mark Elvin. He told us about the Queen and taught us the ‘National Anthem’ ready for tomorrow.

Today, we sang the ‘National Anthem’ in class. At lunchtime the chefs had prepared wonderful cakes and a tribute for the Queen’s birthday with her photo and banners.

DSCF8446 DSCF8447 DSCF8465 DSCF8470.

In the afternoon we completed some activities to do with the ‘Royal Family’ to learn more. Look at our amazing pictures!!!!

We received an important phone call!

We received an important phone call from the WWF about a trapped elephant in Uganda. It is our mission to become experts in this field to rescue the elephant, care for it and do what we can so we can reduce the number of endangered elephants.

In Hedgehogs we decided our team name was going to be ‘Elephant Superheroes’. We made badges to represent our team.

We came up with some fantastic ideas of how to rescue the elephant.

We will keep you posted with our progress!


Our journey under the sea!!!!

DSCF8297 DSCF8300 DSCF8306 DSCF8316 DSCF8324

We went to the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth. We had a tour and listened about the fish and sea creatures as we went around the centre. We then went into ‘The Education Room’. This is where we could touch some of the creatures from the rock pool. We touched a starfish and learnt if it loses a leg, it will grow a new leg. The part of the broken leg will also develop into a new starfish. If a starfish doesn’t like its food, it will throw away its stomach and grow a new one!!!

We also got to touch Bert the crab, who was very friendly!!!

We saw the penguins and tried to guess their names by their coloured tags!

The rays were amazing and we looked at the baby rays in detail.

We used our little books to collect stamps and find out interesting facts. We had a fantastic day!! Talk to your child about their experience to develop their understanding and knowledge.

Pirate Day!!!!

DSCF8271 DSCF8282

We used all the skills we have learnt this term and put them into practice on ‘Pirate Day’.

We had six activities to complete throughout the day. These included treasure / money skills, using maps, boat making, PE and team building problems, learning the skills of sword fighting, leadership and trust activities.

We worked towards our school ‘Enterprise Skills’ in each of these areas. These skills are essential for our future development  in the ‘world of work’.

We also had an amazing lunch – look at all the work the staff in the kitchen did to complete our day!!!

We are now pirate experts and are ready for any challenge!!!

Using our senses in Forest Schools!

We helped make a big fire in ‘Forest Schools’. We went through the safety of the circle and what to do when the smoke goes in your direction including going around the back of the trees and not near the fire circle. We started by collecting sticks. If they snapped and were white in the middle they could be added to the fire stick pile. The fire was then lit, we closed our eyes and listened for the hissing, crackles and pops. We tasted a strange taste from the smoke, we used touch to feel the warmth. We watched the smoke and flames with our eyes and looked out for the embers when the fire was blown. We learnt how to tell the direction of the wind.

We then sang our favourite songs around the fire!!!

The last ten minutes we spent looking at the changes in the pond. We found loads of frogspawn and if we kept really still lots of frogs came to the surface.

Forest Schools teaches us skills and helps our physical, emotional development and well being – we love it!!

Thank you Mr O’Brien!!!!

Mother’s Day Flowers!

DSCF8209 DSCF8213

We made gorgeous Mother’s Day flower bouquets colouring in our flowers and rolling into a bunch of flowers. We added three real daffodils to sprout out of the top of our bouquets.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, parents,  grandmas and guardians.

We hope you all have the fantastic day you deserve!

Clean for the Queen!!!

IMG_0716 IMG_0720 IMG_0721

We had a clean for the queen afternoon. Our class split into groups and went around the school cleaning for the Queen’s Birthday!

We cleaned the library, veranda, PE cupboard, outside Collective Worship area and tidied the corridors. Some of us started to clean items in the classroom like the whiteboards and fixing books. We did a great job. The queen would be proud of us!!

We made our own islands!!


We used paper mache to build up the physical features of our own islands. Instead of waiting for the paper to dry and then painting it, we used tissue paper and wall paper paste. This made an instant colour and hardened quite quickly. We worked well in a team to complete our islands.

Seaweed shape poems!

DSCF8043 DSCF8050

We used the language we had used during the week to write our seaweed shape poems.

When we were writing we had to remember to turn the paper round in a circle. We used similes, repetition and adjectives to write our seaweed poems.

We then cut them into spirals. Keep your eyes out for when they are spiralled from the ceiling.

Seaweed drama!!!!

We looked at more pictures of seaweed and thought about how seaweed moved under the water.

We watched videos of seaweed moving underwater and listened to music of waves.

We used drama to act out being seaweed. We thought of spiky coral shapes and had to use our balance to hold these. We then thought of another coral spiky shape and held this again to balance a jagged pose for three seconds. We then recreated seaweed being pulled backwards and forwards in the currents, swaying backwards

and forwards. The seaweed then gets rolled  and tumbled by the waves. This was represented by the children lying on the floor and rolling backwards and forwards capturing this movement using drama.