What is a hero?

We discussed all the heroes we know, most of these were fictional. We then discussed non-fictional heroes (real heroes) and how these help us, inspire us and play an important part in our community.

We made a list of the excellent ideas we gathered as a class as to what a hero is.

Performing percussion instruments to the sounds of the weather!

We listened to the Mister Wind song on Music Express. We selected the appropriate percussion instruments to match the different types of weather and objects.

We chose:

Shakers for the leaves rustling.

The drums for the flags flapping in the wind.

The symbols / tambourines for the waves crashing.

The clickers / castanets for the windmills turning.

We performed in front of each other and gave feedback to each group and reflected on our own performance. 



RE – The importance of light!!

We discussed how the dark makes us feel and when there is light it guides us and makes us feel safe.

We looked at Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism and how light is important in these different faiths.

In Christianity we looked at the advent wreath, when it is lit and what each candle represents.

In Judaism we looked at the Shabbat meal, the Shabbat candles, Hanukkah and the Menorah.

In Hinduism we looked the festival of light we made our own Diwali lanterns.

Our amazing Christmas Fayre

We made reindeer food and decorated gingerbread men to sell at our Christmas Fayre. We did really well and SOLD OUT!!!

Once we had got our products ready to sell we designed posters to attract customers.

We looked at the key features of a poster and made sure people knew the product, price, place and time. We also made sure we followed the four B’s, our posters had to be:





It was a huge success!!!

Great Fire Experts

We found out that the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. This is our museum bakery. We even made salt dough bakery items for children to play with!

We investigated how firefighting has improved with help from our local heroes!

We found out why the fire spread so quickly and made our own model street. Fantastic teamwork demonstrated by all!

Samuel Pepys wrote a diary about the Great Fire of London. We compared quills to biros and thought about what Samuel would say if he was given a pen.

We enjoyed making scones for King Charles. We wondered if he liked the fruit, sweet, chocolate of lemon scone best?

Singing Kingfishers

This half term, Year two have been learning about the four seasons in Outdoor Explorers and Music. Kingfisher class worked so hard to learn the lyrics and signing to ‘Seasons’ that Miss Gooch asked them to perform in assembly to their peers. Kingfishers sang beautifully, they should be very proud!

We made scones for King Charles II

We received a letter from King Charles II asking us to design and make some scones for him. He was bored with plain scones. We thought about what ingredients we could include in the recipe to make the scones moist, tasty and interesting.

Once we had decided, we designed our scones, labelled them and wrote a shopping list of what we would need.

We then made them!!

This gave up the knowledge to write a set of instructions of how to make scones.

The King was very happy!

Quill Writing!

We experienced what it was like to write with a quill. We compared what it was like to write with a quill and then write with a Biro pen. We thought the quill writing looked nice but it was messy and took a long time. Writing equipment today is easier to use and you don’t need a separate well of ink!


We are amazing architects!!!

We are amazing architects. We designed Tudor houses by using rulers to draw straight lines in our designs. We then were able to select appropriate materials to build our houses. We were able to talk about our designs and why we chose the materials we did.

Fire! Fire!


We found out that his name is Charlie and he lived in London a very long time ago. He told us that he escaped from a terrible fire!

We are now learning about The Great Fire of London.

The next day we received a letter asking us to help create a museum about The Great fire of London. We are excited about this new challenge!