Ocarina Club!

Each half term we have been running Ocarina club with Key Stage 1 children. The children have learned how to hold the ocarina and make a noise by blowing into the mouthpiece. They have also learned a well known song each half term. The year two children recently performed ‘London’s Burning’ in assembly which was fantastic, well done to those pupils!

Successful Giant Book Swap!!

On Thursday 7th March we all dressed up for ‘World Book Day’. We wrote about our characters and discussed what we knew about them.

We had the opportunity to bring our unwanted books into school and in exchange for these we received book tokens. There were lots of books to choose from, some of us took some lovely new books home. This helped reuse and reduce landfill by giving unwanted books a loving new home. A great success, well done. Thank you to parents for the effort you made with your child’s costumes, they all looked amazing.

Look what we found!!!

A basket appeared in our classroom, it contained lots of old artifacts including old bandages, a book, a tea towel with Queen Victoria on it, cotton wool, a glass medicine bottle, a bonnet and a lantern.

We passed the artifacts around the circle and discussed who they could belong to. We then found an old photo of a lady. We wrote enquiry questions around the picture. Some of our ideas were: Maybe she is a: farmer, doctor, nurse, shepherd, vet.

We then googled a nurse from a long time ago and found out it was Florence Nightingale. We will be finding out more about her over the next couple of weeks.


Hawkboy Homework!!!!

We are now learning the following text about Hawkboy. Even though the character is made up, the facts are real. We have been learning the features of non-fiction texts and next week we will start planning our own non-fiction text. Please take time to sit with your child and ask them to use the story map to read you the Hawkboy text. The more they know the text, vocabulary and language, the better!! Thank you in advance.

STEM Work Shop


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We had a special visitor who taught us about STEM, linking Science, Technology, English and Mathematics. We used bamboo canes to make letters and shapes. We worked in pairs (Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins) to tie the bamboo canes together. We made triangles, we then worked as a team to use all the triangles to make a huge 3D structure in which we travelled through! It was great fun and and enriched our vocabulary by teaching us new words.

Eco-Schools Willow Structure

We had some special people come to our school to plant a willow structure. We got the parents involved too! The children were taught how to use secateurs and loppers safely to help cut the willow. They then used a special planter to make holes to plant the willow. The professionals then bent the willow and twisted it to make a willow tunnel. This will grow over time and create an active exploration area in our Outdoor Explorer area. We learnt lots of facts about trees, how they grow and how we can offset our carbon footprint.     

Multi-Skills at Easton College

Year 1 had the opportunity to visit Easton College Tennis Centre for a Multi-Skills afternoon. This involved lots of different activities in teams mixing with children from other schools. These activities involved balancing, aiming, dribbling, bat and ball skills to help develop our agility, balance and co-ordination. Some of us made some new friends too!

Chinese New Year!

We celebrated Chinese New Year by having a special Chinese menu, experimenting using chop sticks was fun and entertaining!

We decorated Chinese dragon masks and made Chinese lanterns.

We learnt about Chinese New Year and that each year has a different animal, also that unlike our New Year, the date changes each year.   

Supertato HOMEWORK!!!

This week we have been learning the story, Supertato!!! We have been reading the class story map and practising using our actions.

We now have a copy to take home this week. We will practice reading to mummies, daddies, parents, carers, nanny’s, grandads, brothers, sisters and even our pets to learn the story.

Next week we will be ZOOMING in on the language and looking at parts of the story we would like to keep, the language, punctuation and spelling used.

Please help your children learn the story.

Music performance!!

We have been learning lots of new vocabulary in music including dynamics, duration, timbre, tone, pitch and beat.

We listened to different rain patterns, light rain, heavy rain, hailstones and lightening!!

We selected the appropriate percussion instruments to match the different rain patterns and joined in on the song.

Light rain: Pitter patter

Heavy rain: Splitter splatter

Hailstones: Bitter batter

Thunder and lightening: Bash Crash! Bash Crash!

We performed in front of an audience to listen to feedback to improve our performances.