Christmas Fayre



Nursery worked hard preparing for the Christmas Fayre. We made sweet cups and delicious gingerbread stars. They were a big hit as always. Thanks to all our little helpers 😊

Spots, stripes and brights in Nursery

We all looked amazing in our spots and stripes today. We made our own Pudsey ears and coloured a giant Bear.

thank you to all the families supporting Children in a need this year 😊

Nursery celebrate Harvest and Autumn

This week we are celebrating Harvest and learning about how the environment is changing now it is Autumn. We collected leaves to make hedgehogs and looked at lots of different vegetables.

Nursery fun

Now we have settled into nursery we are having so much fun! We are learning inside and outside everyday. Our story focus is Goldilocks and the Three Bears 🐻🐻🐻 Next week we will be making and eating porridge. Yummy.

Tortoise visit 🐢🐢

We learnt lots about how to care for animals today when we visited by Matilda and Strawberry. We were surprised to find out that Matilda is over 100 years old! They enjoyed munching lettuce from our Nursery allotment and it was so hot that Matilda sat in her water tray.

Nursery butterflies have hatched!

Nursery are so excited to see four butterflies have hatched in our enclosure. We will feed them with fruit, flowers and sugared water until they are a few days old before releasing them into our garden. They are very beautiful and we are careful to look but not touch.