Nativity performance!

We have had such a great time practising our Nativity play! We learnt all of the songs and even the sign language to go with them. We were really brave performing in front of all our family.

Thank you to all who came – what a fantastic show it was! Well done to all the children.

Autumn Pumpkins!

We were able to explore an autumn vegetable this week as part of our Food and Celebrations topic. An adult helped us cut open the pumpkin and taught us about how it grows in the ground. Then we scooped out the seeds to plant more. It was so much fun!

An adult cut open the orange pumpkin and we scooped out the insides.
We scooped out all the seeds. There were lots of them! “It’s very slimy” said the children.
We put the pumpkins inside and kept the seeds. We smelt and felt the seeds and learnt that the seeds and the pumpkin can be eaten. The children suggested we should plant the seeds to grow our own pumpkins for next year!

The tiger who came to tea!

This week we had a visit from an unexpected visitor. We arranged a little tea party with some tea and cake. We went to invite some friends for tea but when we came back we noticed that “all of the tea” had been drunk and all of the cake had been eaten! There was also some paw marks on the mat and some orange and black fluff left around. We had a think about what could have happened. The children suggested an animal had sneaked in. Miss Weston and Ms Sinclair remembered a story about a tiger that had eaten all of the food at a tea party so we decided to read it. It was such a good story we decided to learn it as part of our next topic – Food and Celebrations!

Mysterious footprints!

We have really enjoyed our first full days in reception this week! When we came back in from lunch one day, we noticed some strange large footprints outside. We searched for more clues but couldn’t find anything! Then we decided to research animal footprints to match it up to an animal. We discovered that they were elephant footprints and we were very excited to find this out. We read the story of Elmer. It was all about a patchwork elephant who ends up being celebrated for his unique colours. We loved the story and it fits in really well with our first topic – Marvellous me! We can’t wait to start learning it!

Mini Monsters day!

Reception had a whole day of Mini Monsters to celebrate their Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs topic! In the morning we had a visit from some little creatures. We learnt about reptiles and we got to hold and feel millipedes, bearded dragons and snakes! It was so interesting and we learnt lots of different facts about them!

In the afternoon, we were really lucky to have another special visit from an archaeologist. We learnt about how to dig and search carefully for historical artefacts. We learnt that we have to brush really carefully to find them as we don’t want to damage them. Then we had a go at finding our own artefacts. In our groups we chiseled and brushed to discover a dinosaur fossil! We worked really well as a team to use our special tools to chip away until we found the fossil in the middle.

We had such a brilliant day! Thank you to all our little creatures and visitors for coming!

Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs!

This half term our topic is ‘Magical Monsters and Dangerous Dinosaurs’.

We started the topic by discovering some strange footprints in our Reception outside area. Miss Rickman and Miss Weston checked the CCTV and found a miraculous discovery…a dinosaur had been on our school grounds!


We then discovered an egg. We were not sure who the egg belonged to but we all shared our suggestions and we discussed how we should look after the egg.

We decided to make a nest for the egg to keep it nice and warm. We took it in turns to keep an eye on the egg and check it was OK.

To our surprise, when we came in from lunch last week the egg had hatched! No body saw it happen so we had to check the cameras again to see what had hatched from the mysterious egg.


We also had another surprise when the ladies in the kitchen delivered us a special treat for filling up our PomPom jar! What an amazing cake! It tasted very yummy too. We made a big ‘Thank You’ card for them which they really liked.

We can’t wait to continue our learning for the rest of the half term!


Emotions and mindfulness!

Yesterday we learnt all about different types of emotions and mindfulness. We learnt about what cross, angry, happy, sad, bored, surprised and excited looks like on our faces. Then we earn about some things we could use if we ever feel negative emotions to help calm us down and make us feel relaxed. We had a colouring table, sensory toy table, books and cushions, sand and playdough, had relaxing music on with the lights low. It was lovely and the children know how to use these things at school if they feel they need to. Maybe you can use some of these things at home too! What a relaxing afternoon 🙂 

Chinese New Year!

This week the children have been discovering all about Chinese New Year!

We have been learning how each of the twelve animals in the Grand Race represent a different Luna year.

The children have been discovering and playing with sticky Chinese noodles, using chopsticks and creating their own Chinese lanterns. We have also been looking at how people celebrate the Chinese New Year; by giving presents, eating special food, having fireworks and lighting their special Chinese lanterns.  

Sit and Share!

Thank you to everyone who came to Sit and Share last week! We hope you enjoyed looking through the children’s learning journals and folder work! What amazing progress we are making! Remember you can look at your child’s learning journey online with your login and password! 

Antony Gormley sculptures!

We have been really busy this week with some amazing skills based art work!

We looked at an Artist called Antony Gormley who sculpted the Angel of the North. He also made a lot of interesting sculptures based on the human body so we decided to have a go at recreating them!

We learnt how to mould clay using our thumbs and fingers. We had to make sure the clay was really smooth so it dried out without holes. We made head shapes and used clay sticks to poke holes in for eyes. It was so much fun and we were brilliant at our first go at moulding clay!