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Clover Hill Infant & Nursery


At Clover Hill Infant and Nursery School we aim to inspire a love of Mathematicsand encourage children to become confident and inquisitive learners. We are building a culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress. We follow a scheme of work developed by the White Rose Hub. The learning journey follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the National Curriculum and is broken down into small, logical steps at a pace that allows the whole class to master each aspect fully before moving onto the next. The teacher provides regular opportunities for children to engage in deep mathematical thinking, particularly those who have grasped a concept more rapidly, while ensuring that children’s misconceptions can be addressed early.


Reception Planning


Year 1 Planning


Year 2 Planning

Please click here to view our Addition and Subtraction calculation policy

Please click here to view our Multiplication and Division calculation policy


At Clover Hill we believe that Numicon is an excellent resource for helping children with their core number skills. Numicon uses different coloured tiles to represent each of the numbers 1 to 10. This helps to give children a concrete concept of what each number actually is – for example they can see, in their mind’s eye, that ‘5’: is a red tile with five holes, it has an odd number of holes, it is smaller than a ten but larger than a 1. This image helps with so many of the basic facts about number!

We use Numicon to help us with all aspects of maths. The tiles fit together to help with addition, can be laid over each other to represent take away and difference, can be grouped for repeated addition and multiplication and can be used to represent fractions of numbers for division.

Numicon helps us to fulfil the crucial aims of the Key Stage 1 Mathematics Curriculum; fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


  • Develops fluency by using a visual, practical base to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall.
  • Helps children to reason mathematically through the use of concrete objects and spoken language to explain and justify.
  • Develops children into confident problem-solvers working in groups and independently.

More Mathematics Models…

Alongside Numicon we use many other resources to help children learn.

These are some of our favourite Mathematical Models.

Maths Monkey

Maths Monkey works alongside us in Maths lessons. He often helps us to understand our learning by showing us different or more efficient strategies. Sometimes, Maths Monkey needs our help because he makes mistakes. At times, maths monkey likes to cause trouble! For example, muddling up our number lines! Maths monkey always reminds us to persevere and learn from mistakes in maths. He even gives our teachers special stickers to reward us for having a great attitude towards maths.

Real life!

At Clover Hill we often adopt a contextualised way of teaching so that children are aware of the context and links between their learning and the purpose behind it! Our aim is for children to solve a range of mathematical problems by applying methods taught in class to a variety of real life scenarios. By providing a context between mathematics taught in school and real life we hope to teach children to have a flexible approach to mathematics, showing resilience and confidence within their learning.

Take a look at what we have been getting up to…


In lesson, if we feel confident at our new learning, we can choose to take on a challenge! Our Enterprise character Richie Risk reminds us to ‘have a go’ at tricky problems and Pippa Positive reminds us to have a positive attitude about making mistakes.