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Clover Hill Infant & Nursery

Eco Council

The Eco-Council made bird feeders from lard and sunflower seeds to ensure they had something to eat during the cold weather and to help attract birds into the school grounds in preparation for the Big Schools Birdwatch. The children enjoyed looking for the different species of birds, the data submitted will help monitor trends, increases and decreases in certain species and help identify if any interventions are needed to support the bird population. 

We are taking part in the Norfolk County Council Safer Journeys programme. The children took part in a quiz, they will take part in online workshops and activities throughout the year and after the final quiz the results will be analysed and shared.

We took part in Switch off Fortnight. Well done to the Eco-Council for monitoring, reminding children and staff, auditing and helping the school save money!

Well done to all the children and parents of Clover Hill for their generous donations. We donated 28kg of food to Norwich foodbank.

The Eco-Council took part if the dig it up, ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ campaign. We dug up a 30cm square patch on the field and counted the invertebrates. The data we collected has been submitted and will help scientists monitor the condition of the soil and the local eco-system.

As part of Global Citizenship, we learn about other countries and cultures. During Black History Month we looked at ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain’ where the children made their own bow and arrow in Outdoor Explorers to shoot the cloud to bring rain. They also listened to African folklore stories, African music and drumming and learnt traditional African games. The children also had fun learning all about Chinese New Year.

We have carried out an Environmental Review of the school, please see the results below. We will use this data to influence our decisions as to what areas we need to focus on this year.

Please meet the ECO CREW for 2022-23 academic year. 

We did it!!!! A huge congratulations to our Eco-Council and pupils at Clover Hill VA Infant and Nursery School for achieving a Distinction Award for the International Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. 

The Eco-Council have been busy writing the new Eco-Code for the school for next year. They have performed a video of the new Eco-Code which will be posted on Facebook, Tapestry and watched in class. This has now completed all the work for the Eco-Council for this year and our Green Flag Renewal has been submitted. Watch this space for our result!! Thank you to our Eco-Council for their hard work this year, they have been amazing and have proved even making a small change can make a big difference, well done.

Clover Hill have been asked to design some builders hats for R G Carters. The whole school is taking part in the competition. Once two winners from each class have been selected, their designs will be printed on the hats which will create a display of hanging baskets for the entrance to Carters. This will help attract insects and provide a source of food.

We have been learning about life cycles. To increase the biodiversity of the school grounds we watched the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. We celebrated our contribution to the environment with a butterfly release!

The Eco-Council celebrated the arrival of their Eco slabs from R G Carters. They went to the site and learnt about concrete waste and personalised the slabs with their handprints. This concrete waste will now be used as a path to the bell tent.

As part of World Book Day we held a Recycle to Read campaign. All the children brought in a book they no longer wanted and swapped it for a book they hadn’t read. All children in Clover Hill school went home with a new book and this helped reduce waste by finding the books a new home.

The Eco-Council met with school Governors and members of the local community to take part in a litter pick as part of Waste Week. They collected 12 bags of rubbish to keep the local environment clean, prevent rubbish from ending up in our rivers and seas and protect local wildlife from harm. Great job Eco-Council.

We learnt the story ‘The Carbon Monster’ as part of Earth Day. All classes discussed what a carbon footprint is and how this can be reduced. The Eco-Council labelled items in the school which could be switched off to reduce the schools carbon footprint.

We celebrated Walk to School week with Happy Shoesday. The children came to school in their favourite shoes and took part in a shoe design competition. All classes completed a walk to school chart and eco-friendly ways to get to school were celebrated.

We watched the story ‘A Whales Tale’ and discussed the impact of litter and rubbish on our oceans and the impact of marine life. To celebrated our wonderful sea creatures by creating some amazing art work. We linked to the story to the schools values and with hope, trust, perseverance and teamwork we can make a difference.

This February the children of Clover Hill took part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch. The data collected will help Scientists monitor the environment, put measures into place to protect declining species and keep an eye on trends. The children loved identifying the different species of birds, well done.

We donated unwanted furniture and collected shoeboxes containing essentials and gifts to donate to the children of Moldova. We helped TEECH load the lorry with our gifts and were delighted when we received photographs of the children in Moldova opening our gifts and the chairs being put to good use in schools. What an amazing achievement Clover Hill, thank you for making a difference and having a positive impact on children from another country. We will keep in contact with our new friends in Moldova and make links with other schools in other countries too.

The Eco-Council took part in Switch Off Fortnight in November. They took an initial audit, made posters and reminders for light switches before completing a final audit. Well done Eco-Council, your reminders have saved the school electricity!! Keep up the good work.

The children at Clover Hill learn about other cultures for Global Citizenship through cross curricular learning and activities. In November the children took part in a Chinese Dragon Dance and learnt about Japanese culture through Firework Art.

The Eco Council took part in the ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ campaign to monitor the soil within the school grounds. This data has been submitted to scientist to monitor the state of the environment and the eco-system. Well done Eco-Council.

Well done to the Eco-Council for winning the competition linking ECO to the Creation Story. The children met the Bishop of Norwich and planted a tree to celebrate their success and the difference they make.

Our Eco-Council were given the opportunity by the Diocese of Norwich to write prayers and reflections ahead of COP26. The prayers they have written are now with the Cathedral to be displayed and Bishop Graham is taking these with him to the actual COP26 conference in Glasgow! Great work Eco-Council. 

Clover Hill have been getting the community involved with their ‘Green Fingers Project’. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and the Eco Council for your hard work on the school grounds.

Eco-Council 2021-22

Our new Eco-Council for 2021-22 has now been selected. The children will be carrying out an environmental review over the next couple of weeks, watch this space!

The Wood of Hope

We have been helping to plant trees for our ‘Wood of Hope’.
We have 9 large trees and over 100 saplings that we are going to plant over the next 9 school days.

“The Wood of Hope” will allow the children to plant a tree together with their friends, care for and watch it grow as they themselves grow. It will be a life-long legacy for them! This small area of woodland on our school site will be a remembrance of this time in our children’s lives but also will remind them of their strength and resilience as the world recovers from this period.

We have been extremely busy during Waste Week (8th – 14th March 2021). Look at the amazing things we have been doing to look after our school and the planet!

The children in the key worker group took part in the RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch 2021 to help scientists monitor the state of the environment. Here is our certificate of participation and a graph of the top ten birds observed in the school grounds.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in style during lockdown! We watched a video to learn about Chinese New Year to gain an insight into the celebration and culture and to look at the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year and the events which we celebrate.

Hedgehog Class have got involved with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2021 this year during lockdown by identifying and counting birds, drawing birds and making bird feeders. The data collected will be submitted to the RSPB to help scientists gain an insight to the current state of the environment and look for trends within different species of birds.

We took part in Switch Off Fortnight in November to help to reduce energy being wasted in our school. We made posters to remind people to switch off computers and lights if not in use and submitted our data on ‘The Pod’.

The Eco Council have been busy making bird feeders to ensure the birds have plenty to eat now the weather is getting colder.

The Eco Council took part in the ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ Campaign in October. The data collected will help scientists monitor the quality of soil and how this affects the food chain.

Due to current circumstances and having to remain in class bubbles, the Eco-Council for 2020-2021 will be Hedgehog class.

A different selection of children will take part in activities and feedback to the rest of the Hedgehog Class.

The Eco-Council will ensure the rest of Clover Hill are updated with regards to ongoing campaigns / events.